Hack Whatsapp Parental Control

Make Sure You Know What Your Children Are Doing On Their Phones with Hack Whatsapp Parental Control

How can Hack Whatsapp Parental Control help you find out the truth?

Hack Whatsapp Parental Control is the best and powerful cell phone spy and tracking software that lets you supervise ALL the activities of any iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone. The application is very easy to install on the phone you want to monitor. It starts uploading the monitored phone’s usage information and its exact location instantly which can be viewed by logging in to your Hack Whatsapp user area from any computer in the world within minutes. This state-of-the-art application works in stealth mode which means that the monitored phone’s user will never know that they are being monitored.

Track Your Children’s Location
Do you want to know if your kids are actually at school? Check on them when they say they’re going to a friend’s place? Track your child’s location through Hack Whatsapp GPS location tracking. You will be able to see the exact GPS location of your child at any time you want through a map displayed on Hack Whatsapp online control panel. You can also view their location history and travel routes to find out where they’ve been at certain times of the day.

Supervise their Cellphone Activities
Do you want to find out everything your children do on their phones? With Hack Whatsapp, you can monitor your children’s phone calls and listen to their surroundings while you can also read their SMS messages, emails and IM chat messenger conversations. If you want to find out what they get up to online, you can also view their internet browsing history and take a look at their bookmarked websites. Hack Whatsapp lets you get a 360 degree view of your child’s cell phone usage.

Receive Alerts on Trigger Words and Numbers
Through Hack Whatsapp online control panel, you can set specific words and phone numbers as ‘triggers’. If any of the ‘trigger’ words or phrases is used in an email or SMS message, you will be sent an email or SMS notification, alerting you of the use of the word. If your children make any contact (phone call or SMS) with a phone number or contact you have set as a ‘trigger’, you will receive a notification alert as well. This is a great way to instantly find out if your kids are up to something unacceptable.

Control Your Child’s Phone
Hack Whatsapp allows you to control your child’s phone through the remote control feature available on the online control panel. You simply log on to the control panel and you can send remote commands to your child’s phone. These commands let you perform functions such as starting, pausing or deleting the Hack Whatsapp application on their phone. You can also wipe their phone’s data to makes sure it doesn’t fall in to the wrong hands in case it gets lost or stolen.

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